Commissions of the Olt County Council
Inside the Olt County Council functioned 6 specialized commissions, which are authorized to debate before the meetings of Olt County Council the law projects and decisions.
The comissions specialised on fields were established after the constitution of the county council, as follows:
1. The comission for social-economic studies, budget-finances, administration of public and private property.
2. The comission for urban organization and development, the achievement of public works, ecological and environment protection, the preservation of historical and architectural monuments.
3. The comission for education, scientific activities and health.
4. The comission for agriculture, forestry, industry, public services and commerce.
5. The comission for local public administration , legal , public order defense, human rights obeyance and citizens relationships.
6.The comission for labour, social protection, sportif and agreement activities.
The County Council takes decisions, according to its attributions.
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