The health state of the population at the level of the Olt county was achieved through an integrate system of primary medical services offered by the primary medical assistance, ambulatory specialty assistance and the fifth general hospitals, one of them of cronic psychiatry and one of pmeumoftiziology, representing a total number of 2775 beds which assure medical services of preventive, curative, emmergency specialty as well as recovery and pre, intra and post birth assistance.
At the level of the Olt county 238 individual medical Office - 118 in urban environment and 120 in rural environment, 40 dental cabinets - 31 urban and 9 rural, 30 private dental cabinets and 61 pharmacies activate.
Starting with 2002, on the territory of the Olt county 6 Permanency Centres specialised in primary medical assistance were established.
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