Masters of culture

Matei Basarab (1632-1654) prince-ruler of Romanian Country, born in Brâncoveni commune

Constantin Brâncoveanu (1688-1714) prince-ruler, born in Brâncoveni commune

Alexe Marin born in Slatina in 1814, dead in Bucarest in 1895 , teacher of Physics and Chemistry , the first teacher of Chemistry of University of Bucharest , author of the project of the first refinery, author of the first lit gas capital, author of school and university manuals.

Aurelian Petre S. Born in 1833 in Slatina, dead in 1909 in Bucarest, organizer of agricultural and economical education, founder of the first economic exhibition of Romania abroad, president of Romanian Academy, president of the Ministries Council.

Andreitã Ion poet, publicist, memorial author, born in 1936 in Perieti commune

Bãlasa Sabin painter, anima movie producer, born in 1932 in Dobretu commune

Boroghinã Emil - actor, manager of the theatre, producer of many shows, born in Corabia in 1940

Braborescu Stefan born in 1881, dead in 1984, university professor, actor, redactor of artistic education from Cluj.

Bunescu Marius landscapist painter born in 1881 at Caracal, dead in 1971 la Bucuresti, organizer of the Art National Gallery, founder of Pinacoteque Caracal.

Burcã Theodor - sculptor, monumentalize, sculpted dozens monuments of Union.

Chihaia Pavel - born in 1923 at Corabia, critic of arts history, dramatist, memorial author and anticommunist fighter.

Caracostea Dumitru university professor, critic of Eminescu, revues founder , member of Romanian? Academy born in 1879 Slatina, dead in 1964 Bucuresti

Carianopol Virgil - poet and writter , publicist born in 1908 la Caracal, dead in 1984 at Bucarest.

Chitu Gheorghe 1848th revolutionary, founder member of Romanian Academy, ministry, creator of Commercial Schools born in 1828 in Oboga commune, dead at Mirila Leotesti.

Dumbrãveanu Anghel poet, publicist, born in 1933 in commune Dobroteasa.

Ionescu Eugen french dramatist of romanian origin, author of absurd drama theatre, member of French Academy born in 1909 la Slatina, dead in 1994 in Paris

Iovescu M. Ion writter born in Spineni in 1912.

Lazu Ion - writter

Lupu Ion composer,conductor of local bands , born in 1940 in Brâncoveni

Mumuleanu Barbu Paris - poet, born in 1794, Slatina, dead in 1836 in Bucuresti

Mateescu Cristea - energo-hidrotechnical engineer , designer of the hydroelectric power plants Bicaz, Arges, member of Romanian Academy, university professor born in 1894 Caracal, dead in 1979 at Bucuresti

Muscelenu Ion painter born in 1903 at Caracal, dead in 1994 in Bucarest.

Ion Popescu Negreni - painter, memorialist, university professor, born in 1907 in Negreni commune, dead in 2001 in Bucharest.

Pandrea Petre - journalist, philologist, memorialist born in 1904 in Bals, dead in 1968 Bucharest.

Popovici Dumitru university professor, philologist Phd., revues founder born in 1902, in Dãneasa, dead in 1952 in Cluj.

Potopin Ion - writer, musician, poet, born in Potopin - Dobrosloveni.

Teodorescu Nicolae born in 1889, in Rãdesti - Oporelu, genetician engineer, prof. univ. dr. creator of the merinos rase "Merinosul de Pallas", founder of "Oeria Pallas" farm, member of the Romanian Academy.

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