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Primaria Slatina
Primaria Slatina
Slatina municipality Tipăreşte Tipăreşte

Slatina municipality, residence of county Olt was documentary attested for the first time in 20th January 1368.

Prefectura Olt - Slatina
Prefectura Olt - Slatina

Complex Winkmarkt Slatina
Complex Winkmarkt Slatina

Slatina municipality is situated in the north zone of the Olt county, on the left side of the river Olt, including significant surfaces of the river terraces. The economy of Slatina is represented by the non-ferrous metallurgy industry, especially S.C. ALRO S.A., the biggest producer of primary aluminum from the whole country and S.C. ALPROM S.A., company specialized in processing aluminum by plastic alteration which produces plate laminates, aluminum profiles, aluminum extrudates and alloys, bands, foils, metal structures industry, tools, textile industry, foodstuffs and drinks industry, building materials industry, energetic industry, furniture industry.

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